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Never Say

Sometimes, things are better left unsaid. There are times, however, when people don’t think before they speak or are just plain insensitive and go on to say something they simply should not. Below are five things I believe no Scottie Mom should ever be told. Sadly, I have heard every single one of these at least once in the years I’ve been a Scottie Mom. What are some of the most unusual things someone has told you about your Scottie that you wish you hadn’t heard?


5. I know the black one is a Scottish Terrier but what kind of a dog is that one (points to the wheaten Scottie)? It looks so similar your Scottie dog but surely, it is not one.

As Scottie Mom to Heather, I get this question all the time. It has become a somewhat laughable matter and doesn’t usually bother me at this point. I just go into autopilot mode and explain that she is, in fact, a Scottie dog, but her color is rather rare. I go on to tell them there are black Scotties, brindle Scotties and wheaten Scotties – that Heather is considered a red wheaten Scottie. A look of bewilderment crosses the person’s face and most of the time, they come back around to say how beautiful she is and that they had no idea. Some shake their head in disbelief, saying that she certainly is a mix. And that, my friends, is where they cross the line. Mixed breed or purebred, she is my sweet Heather Beather and I love her just the same so step aside, son!


4. Your dog is fat.

Heather hadn’t been home for more than a day or two when people stopped by to meet her and that’s when it all started. “Wow – she’s overweight.” Then, it was, “Man, she’s BIG!” And my personal favorite: “Well, we know who would win if Mr. K ever put up a fight.” Heather is the most lovable dog I’ve ever known and while she can bowl you over trying to soak up as much of the back scratching and head petting she can get, she is not fat. Heather came to me weighing 27 pounds. Today, she weighs an even 25 pounds and we’re watching her to make sure she doesn’t lose anymore weight because she is perfect the way she is. Calling a Scottie Mom’s fur kid fat is no different than telling a mom her child is fat. It is rude and inconsiderate. Just don’t say it.


3. I will never love your Scottie(s) or It’s me or the Scottie(s).

Pack your bags, pal. Nothing and no one comes before Scottie Love and if you ask us to choose between you and the dog, I can tell you it won’t be the dog I’ll be giving up. He who loves a Scottie Mom must also love her Scottie dog(s). It is as plain and simple as that. Once you accept a Scottie dog into your life, it is a lifelong commitment until death do you part. I once dated a guy who thought people who posted pictures of their dogs on Facebook were “stupid.” Needless to say, that relationship didn’t go very far. Can you imagine what he’d say now with Heather and Mr. K stars of their very own Facebook page? It really doesn’t matter. Heather and Mr. K are way cooler, anyway!


2. Your Scottie’s a jerk!

Okay, let’s be honest here. Scottish Terriers can be temperamental creatures who definitely possess an air of Scottie-tude about them and can come off as a little rough around the edges sometimes. Mr. K is no exception. However, just because he is selective with his friends (human and furry alike), does not mean he is a jerk. Like individual people, every Scottie is different. Mr. K is actually a sweetheart who protects his own like no other. He is proud and actually is quite sensitive – he just doesn’t want everyone to know it.  Gotta protect that Scottie pride!


1. You shouldn’t rescue. Rescue Scotties come with all sorts of problems.

If you really want to get this Scottie Mom’s blood boiling, tell me I shouldn’t rescue another Scottie. No, I’m not talking about Scottie Dad not being ready to take in a third rescue yet. I’m talking about those who tell me that I should never rescue a Scottie…period. Not realizing both Heather and Mr. K are rescues, I let the foolish people give me their spiel about why one shouldn’t rescue (they have mental problems, all sorts of bad behaviors, you just don’t know what you’re going to get…) before I look at them, smile politely and say, “It’s funny you say that. Both of these Scotties are rescues.” Then, I watch their jaws fall to the floor – as if that thought had not previously occurred to them beforehand. Someone actually said to me, “…but they’re so well-behaved!” Yes. Heather and Mr. K are well-behaved but what makes you think other rescue Scotties are not? All it takes is a little patience and a lot of Scottie Love, people!



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Ok, Scottie Mom. Let me out!


It didn’t take us long to settle into our suite!


Playing with a new human friend before we go meet other puppers.

photo 1

It was all fun and games…until some Scotties got a bath.


We weren’t upset too long…Scottie Mom arrived shortly thereafter to take us home!


Then, because it was Mother’s Day (and because Scottie Mom hadn’t yet eaten!), we took Scottie Mom to the nearest Sonic Drive-In and I barked in her order. ArRRrOo!

I don’t like to be away from Heather and Mr. K but when I have to be, it is good to know I have a place I can turn to and know that they will not only be safe but will enjoy themselves just as much as (if not more so than!) when they are with me. Initially, I was against boarding Heather and Mr. K at all costs. The only way I would vacation was if the Scotties came with us or someone I trusted could watch my precious pups. Now, thanks to a thorough (and somewhat neurotic) Scottie Mom hunt to find a place that met my standards, I have some peace of mind when I drop the fur kids off at Pet Paradise. With four weekend Scottie staycations behind us – all ending with smiling puppy faces – and round-the-clock access to a web cam, it is safe to say I am over any anxiety and reservations I had before I boarded them! An added and unexpected bonus? Mr. K seems to have lost his sometimes rough-around-the-edges nature around other dogs thanks to the consistent socialization! What do you look for in a place your pups can staycation while you’re away?

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Sometimes, Scottie Mom has nothing but Scotties on the brain. Scottie Dad says she often walks the fine line between Scottie Love and Scottie Obsessed. Our friends at Merriam Webster say obsession is a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling…what about Scotties is disturbing or unreasonable? Nothing! Therefore, Scottie Dad is overruled in this matter. Still, taking away any negative connotations that might come along with the word obsessed, I thought it might be fun to explore what would classify as Scottie Love and simultaneously, what would classify as Scottie Obsessed.

You know you’re experiencing Scottie Love when:

– You don’t want to remove the Scottie nose prints off the car window because you are convinced these are priceless works of art that will be worth something someday.

– Sleep becomes optional because all you need is to have a Scottie or two to cuddle with at night. Who cares that they’ve taken over the human bed and that your leg may have lost feeling two hours ago?

– You put off going to work in the morning and hurry home at night as nothing makes you happier than spending time with your Scottie(s).

– Everything revolves around your Scottie dog.

– You’re greeted with the same wagging tail and happy face whether you’ve been gone all day or for just a few minutes.


You might be Scottie Obsessed if:

– Upon organizing your closet, you discover that you no longer own a single item of clothing that does not have a Scottie imprinted on it.

– You ask the Scottie Dad in your life to grow a beard that closely resembles your Scottie dog’s.

– Slowly but surely all the dinnerware and glassware in your Scottie House is replaced with mismatching Scottie cups and plates that you’re hesitant to use because they are too cute.

– You name your son Scotty after your Scottie dog.

– The smell of a freshly groomed Scottie is more appealing to you than the scent of fresh flowers, baked goods, and just about every other fan favorite smell on Earth.

– Dreams of traveling back in time to the 1950s to squash the poodle skirt trend and replace it with a tartan Scottie skirt fashion phenomenon fill your mind.

– You start speaking in ArRRrOo’s…in public.

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One thing’s for sure: Scottie Mom is tired. The last few weeks have been like a never-ending game of dodgeball. A game, I might add, that this Scottie Mom was losing. So many dodgeballs were coming my way at once and instead of getting out of the way, I was hit time and again. The Scottie Mobile craps out. BOOM! Heather’s head wound reopens. BOOM! Scottie Mom falls on her face and her back within 24 hours. BOOM! Something happens to threaten the closing of our townhouse. BOOM! The Scottie Mobile craps out again. BOOM! Heather gets bad liver value test results. BOOM! And that’s not the whole of it. As you can see, just as I was about to get up, another dodgeball would hit and put me out of the game. They say bad things come in three’s but for a while there, it felt like much more.

I’ll take yesterday’s good news as a sign of things turning around, however. I got a call from Heather’s V-E-T saying the ultrasound looked pretty good. In fact, the V-E-T said it looked a lot better than it did last year. She cautioned that it is still not 100 percent normal, but she was not alarmed about that. If the Cushing’s test comes back negative, then we will talk again – this time about the gall bladder and we may explore the option of putting her on a medication to keep the material in her gall bladder fluid. I was told to expect the Cushing’s test results in 5-7 businses days so hang tight, Scottie Mom friends. We’ll keep you posted as we know more. Also in good news: Mr. K’s urine sample came back clean. No crystals were found in this sample. For those who follow us on Facebook, you know Mr. K didn’t make it easy on the V-E-T to get the sample…

We headed to the V-E-T early Saturday morning. It had been three hours since I let Mr. K out to pee. The V-E-T ushered him into the back and they didn’t come back for quite some time when finally, she comes out and says, “He’s got one tiny bladder! I couldn’t get anything out of him!” After promising to return with him that afternoon, we walked out the door – leaving dear Heather to finish her testing. We weren’t outside for two minutes when Mr. K finds a fence and lifts his leg. I couldn’t help but laugh. There is nothing unusually small about his bladder. He just refused to provide any of the coveted urine. Thank goodness we had to return to the V-E-T because this Scottie Mom would have been very upset (but only for a half minute before Mr. K would win her over again) if we had to make that 45 minute trek twice because of a case of Scottie-tude.

Alas, the visit did provide some comic relief and that helped to ease my tension. We got Heather back later that day and she was in good spirits. The only difference was that she was obviously hungry. She had a few yummies waiting at the condo so I think she forgives me for sending her off to the V-E-T for a full day. Now, with testing behind us, the Scottie kids and I are hard at work packing and rewarding ourselves handsomely in the form of breaking all Scottie Dad’s rules. Unfortunately, we haven’t moved to the new house yet because we found a dreaded cockroach. And where there is one of those, Scottie Mom cringes and Mr. K goes for a snack (which just grosses out Scottie Mom more). I’ll never forget the first time he somehow managed to snatch a cockroach up on an evening walk without me noticing until he proudly boasted his catch back in the apartment by spitting it out by my feet the minute we walked through the door.

And so, the locks are changed, the cockroaches gone (I hope), the electric and gas turned on and slowly, I’m bringing items from the condo over to the new house on my way to work each morning. The problem is my back is not yet strong enough to hold much plus Scottie Dad is still a good week or more away from coming home from Houston, Texas. Scottie Grandmadre and Grandpadre came to assist this weekend and they were a big help. With any luck, we’ll be moved in by the weekend after next but I promise Scottie Mom friends will get a sneak peek before that happens. Heather and Mr. K haven’t even seen the new place yet and you bet they’ll be excited to have three times the space they currently own. Plus, they have a special surprise waiting for their arrival. In the meantime, however, Mr. K’s been working on a list of amendments for Scottie Dad’s rules. He promises to share them as soon as they are ready but is open to hearing suggestions his fur friends have. First on his list: getting rid of the ban on hooman bed privileges!

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