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Never Say

Sometimes, things are better left unsaid. There are times, however, when people don’t think before they speak or are just plain insensitive and go on to say something they simply should not. Below are five things I believe no Scottie Mom should ever be told. Sadly, I have heard every single one of these at least once in the years I’ve been a Scottie Mom. What are some of the most unusual things someone has told you about your Scottie that you wish you hadn’t heard?


5. I know the black one is a Scottish Terrier but what kind of a dog is that one (points to the wheaten Scottie)? It looks so similar your Scottie dog but surely, it is not one.

As Scottie Mom to Heather, I get this question all the time. It has become a somewhat laughable matter and doesn’t usually bother me at this point. I just go into autopilot mode and explain that she is, in fact, a Scottie dog, but her color is rather rare. I go on to tell them there are black Scotties, brindle Scotties and wheaten Scotties – that Heather is considered a red wheaten Scottie. A look of bewilderment crosses the person’s face and most of the time, they come back around to say how beautiful she is and that they had no idea. Some shake their head in disbelief, saying that she certainly is a mix. And that, my friends, is where they cross the line. Mixed breed or purebred, she is my sweet Heather Beather and I love her just the same so step aside, son!


4. Your dog is fat.

Heather hadn’t been home for more than a day or two when people stopped by to meet her and that’s when it all started. “Wow – she’s overweight.” Then, it was, “Man, she’s BIG!” And my personal favorite: “Well, we know who would win if Mr. K ever put up a fight.” Heather is the most lovable dog I’ve ever known and while she can bowl you over trying to soak up as much of the back scratching and head petting she can get, she is not fat. Heather came to me weighing 27 pounds. Today, she weighs an even 25 pounds and we’re watching her to make sure she doesn’t lose anymore weight because she is perfect the way she is. Calling a Scottie Mom’s fur kid fat is no different than telling a mom her child is fat. It is rude and inconsiderate. Just don’t say it.


3. I will never love your Scottie(s) or It’s me or the Scottie(s).

Pack your bags, pal. Nothing and no one comes before Scottie Love and if you ask us to choose between you and the dog, I can tell you it won’t be the dog I’ll be giving up. He who loves a Scottie Mom must also love her Scottie dog(s). It is as plain and simple as that. Once you accept a Scottie dog into your life, it is a lifelong commitment until death do you part. I once dated a guy who thought people who posted pictures of their dogs on Facebook were “stupid.” Needless to say, that relationship didn’t go very far. Can you imagine what he’d say now with Heather and Mr. K stars of their very own Facebook page? It really doesn’t matter. Heather and Mr. K are way cooler, anyway!


2. Your Scottie’s a jerk!

Okay, let’s be honest here. Scottish Terriers can be temperamental creatures who definitely possess an air of Scottie-tude about them and can come off as a little rough around the edges sometimes. Mr. K is no exception. However, just because he is selective with his friends (human and furry alike), does not mean he is a jerk. Like individual people, every Scottie is different. Mr. K is actually a sweetheart who protects his own like no other. He is proud and actually is quite sensitive – he just doesn’t want everyone to know it.  Gotta protect that Scottie pride!


1. You shouldn’t rescue. Rescue Scotties come with all sorts of problems.

If you really want to get this Scottie Mom’s blood boiling, tell me I shouldn’t rescue another Scottie. No, I’m not talking about Scottie Dad not being ready to take in a third rescue yet. I’m talking about those who tell me that I should never rescue a Scottie…period. Not realizing both Heather and Mr. K are rescues, I let the foolish people give me their spiel about why one shouldn’t rescue (they have mental problems, all sorts of bad behaviors, you just don’t know what you’re going to get…) before I look at them, smile politely and say, “It’s funny you say that. Both of these Scotties are rescues.” Then, I watch their jaws fall to the floor – as if that thought had not previously occurred to them beforehand. Someone actually said to me, “…but they’re so well-behaved!” Yes. Heather and Mr. K are well-behaved but what makes you think other rescue Scotties are not? All it takes is a little patience and a lot of Scottie Love, people!



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Ok, Scottie Mom. Let me out!


It didn’t take us long to settle into our suite!


Playing with a new human friend before we go meet other puppers.

photo 1

It was all fun and games…until some Scotties got a bath.


We weren’t upset too long…Scottie Mom arrived shortly thereafter to take us home!


Then, because it was Mother’s Day (and because Scottie Mom hadn’t yet eaten!), we took Scottie Mom to the nearest Sonic Drive-In and I barked in her order. ArRRrOo!

I don’t like to be away from Heather and Mr. K but when I have to be, it is good to know I have a place I can turn to and know that they will not only be safe but will enjoy themselves just as much as (if not more so than!) when they are with me. Initially, I was against boarding Heather and Mr. K at all costs. The only way I would vacation was if the Scotties came with us or someone I trusted could watch my precious pups. Now, thanks to a thorough (and somewhat neurotic) Scottie Mom hunt to find a place that met my standards, I have some peace of mind when I drop the fur kids off at Pet Paradise. With four weekend Scottie staycations behind us – all ending with smiling puppy faces – and round-the-clock access to a web cam, it is safe to say I am over any anxiety and reservations I had before I boarded them! An added and unexpected bonus? Mr. K seems to have lost his sometimes rough-around-the-edges nature around other dogs thanks to the consistent socialization! What do you look for in a place your pups can staycation while you’re away?

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Scottie Dog Wallpaper by Anthropologie


Scottie Dog Magnets


Walter the Wabbit, aka Mr. Bunny, all wrapped up and waiting to meet Mr. K.


Heather got herself a bully stick!


Mr. K hanging out with Mr. Bunny while he chews on a bully stick.

Friends, there is one place in Savannah we visited that we haven’t yet told you about and for good reason. It is a little shop called, “The Grateful Hound.” Not only did the place have Scottie dog wallpaper by Anthropologie behind the register, they also had a Scottie dog door stopper, Scottie dog magnets and…toys seemingly tough enough for Scottie dog jaws! I was skeptical at first but I decided to splurge and pay $20 to take a chance on a Fluff & Tuff toy after talking to the nice lady behind the desk about how her dog had yet to destroy his. So, I picked out “Walter the Wabbit” (now nicknamed Mr. Bunny) and brought him back to Mr. K – the ultimate toy destroyer.

The reason we hadn’t yet told you about this fun, little boutique is that we wanted to give fellow Scottie Moms a review of how Mr. Bunny fared during his playtime with Mr. K. I was sure I would be writing about Mr. Bunny’s demise within a week – two at the most. It’s been about a month since we returned from Savannah now. Would you believe Mr. Bunny is intact with no tears and still squeaking away? I wouldn’t either if I wasn’t sitting here listening to Mr. K squeak him right now. (Warning: Mr. Bunny squeaks much like Mr. K’s last “favorite” toy…although, not quite that bad. If you need a reminder of how that toy – which lasted a whopping two minutes – sounded, click here.)

Could this be the answer to Scottie Moms’ prayers (and wallet woes)? At nearly $20 for Mr. Bunny, it was a hard price to swallow initially. Then, I considered the fact I could buy three or four Air KONG squeaky tennis balls (Mr. K’s true favorite toy) for the same price and I realized I was lucky to get a half hour to an hour’s worth of quality (and supervised!) playtime with each before it ended up “deaded.” You might remember how quickly Mr. K went through all those squeaky tennis balls we stuffed in a stocking for him this Christmas. Surely, it would be cheaper to pay more up front for a toy like Mr. Bunny and have it last longer than a day. I figure if I can get a few months out of Mr. Bunny, he will be worth his price! We’ll keep you posted on Mr. Bunny’s status. In the meantime, tell us: what toy has lasted longest with your pup?

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Ok, I know you all must be wondering: what were our digs like in Savannah? Well, as you know, we found a place that didn’t even charge a pet fee. What’s not to love about that? And, if you follow Scottie Mom on Facebook, you know Heather and Mr. K were greeted with treats at the front desk. Again, I ask: what’s not to love about that?! For our larger fur friends, you might be happy to know this hotel doesn’t limit the weight of canine guests to a mere 25 pounds. In fact, they allow dogs up to 75 pounds! The accommodations were comfortable, the room was clean and the Scotties had no problem settling right in. This trip to Savannah looked to be a good one from the moment we arrived at Hampton Inn Savannah – I-95 North.

The only thing that wasn’t to love was the location of the hotel. If the city of Savannah itself wasn’t so dog-friendly, I could see how the location of the hotel (which is situated about 20 minutes or so from downtown Savannah) might be problematic. Luckily, it is easy to take the dogs just about anywhere in Savannah. The drive wasn’t so bad but the area surrounding the hotel left us wanting more. To the side of the hotel was a ramp to I-95. Across the street was a tractor trailer truck stop. And the road into town wasn’t any more scenic. But were these things a deal breaker for staying at the hotel again? No. The most important thing for me was that Heather and Mr. K were comfortable wherever we stayed and that they were safe. At no point did I feel that either of those points had been compromised. As evidenced from just a handful of the photos we took above, Heather and Mr. K were smiley as ever in this place. That alone makes the stay worth it!

Next time, I suspect we’ll try a place in town…perhaps a bed and breakfast. I checked out a few with great reviews on BringFido.com. None were available for this trip but something tells me Scottie Dad, the fur kids and I will be back to Savannah again at some point to look into these and report back on our findings. In the meantime, tell us: what has been your favorite vacation experience with your fur kid(s)? Is there a dog-friendly hotel that you remember best?

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Mr. K here. I’m taking over the blog tonight so I can plead my case before Scottie Mom rats me out. Truth be told, friends, I did get in a bit of trouble but not because I played a prank. No, I stumbled upon a little treasure on the ground in Savannah and got a little upset when Scottie Mom tried to steal it. Heather and I were walking Scottie Mom about the park while we waited for Scottie Dad to bring the car. My snout picked up the most glorious scent and led me to a nearby bush. Sure enough, just sitting there waiting for me was a large piece of meat still on the bone. I knew I had to act quickly or else Heather or Scottie Mom would snatch it up first.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t fast enough. I was able to grab it but Scottie Mom saw me and demand I put it down. I wasn’t giving up the fight that easily. I looked at Scottie Mom and attempted to chew faster. This did not make Scottie Mom happy. She tried to pry the object from my grasp, telling me to let go. Friends, you must understand: I had never tasted anything like this in my whole life…how could I let go? I sucked the rest of the meat piece into my mouth so Scottie Mom couldn’t get to it. Would you believe that didn’t stop her? She obviously knew what a prize I had picked up and was so hungry for a piece of it herself that she rudely interrupted my meal and stuck her fingers in my mouth to loosen up my grip. Seriously, woman!

It was here where, admittedly, I took things too far. Scottie Mom crossed the line trying to retrieve my prize and I had to teach her a lesson. I looked her dead in the eye and slowly began to shut my jaw tighter – her fingers still attempting to steal my prized meat. She looked right back at me then. Her eyes grew wide and I could see tears brimming. Scottie Mom’s a toughie and held her own until she couldn’t anymore. She pulled out her fingers just before I made them part of my meal. Only trouble was: in this swift finger retrieval movement, she knocked out my prized meat and I was distracted by a cough or two. Next thing I knew, she was flinging my meat in a trash can far out of my reach. And her finger was pretty swollen.

I knew I had done wrong and I’ve done my best to make amends with Scottie Mom since our trip. She claims she wasn’t trying to steal my meat for her enjoyment and that she was only concerned for my health. Something about the meat being rotten, me getting sick, the bones being bad for me and such. I don’t know if that’s all true (I mean, it was a really good find…I’m sure Scottie Mom would have snuck a taste if I hadn’t gotten to it first) but I’ve chosen to put this whole thing behind us. Scottie Dad took care of Scottie Mom the minute he got back to us with the car. Luckily, my pearly whites didn’t break her skin and the swelling went down after a day or two. Still, he watched over her injured finger religiously and I knew he wasn’t too pleased with me. Being a big steak guy, I thought he would have had more sympathy for the situation! Instead, here I am: pleading my case to you, my friends. What would you have done if you found yourself in my situation and how do you suggest I make it up to Scottie Mom?

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Saturday morning, we tried something new: dining with dogs! We ventured over to a place called Clary’s Café in Savannah. We chose a seat outside and the Scotties settled in by my feet, eagerly taking in their new surroundings. Scottie Dad (who gets credit for finding this gem!) ordered French toast with bananas on top. I decided to go for a childhood favorite of chocolate chip pancakes and scrambled eggs. I thought Heather and Mr. K would be by our feet begging the entire time but surprisingly, they were more interested in investigating their surroundings and meeting the people enjoying their breakfasts at neighboring tables.

We had a wonderful server who doted on Heather and Mr. K the entire time we were there (arguably more than she did us…and rightfully so!) She brought Heather and Mr. K a good number of complimentary treats and set out a fresh bowl of water for them halfway through the meal. As you can see from the photo above, Mr. K believes water bowls are more than just for drinking. In fact, while Heather was mid-slurp, Mr. K stuck his paws in the water and soaked them there one by one. This move didn’t seem to bother Heather one bit and soon the two had returned to their sidewalk posts to keep an eye on things.

I’ll admit: we hadn’t previously considered doing much dining with dogs prior to our experience at Clary’s during our Savannah trip. No matter how appealing the idea seemed, it just seemed too much to handle while trying to enjoy a meal. However, this place really and truly set a standard for the dining with dogs experiences to come. Of course, we just had to leave an extra tip for the wonderful server who made Heather and Mr. K feel right at home. After our tummies were full, we set off on another morning of exploration about the city where Mr. K got himself into a wee bit of trouble with Scottie Mom. Can you guess what our little trickster was up to this time?

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Savannah never disappoints. No matter how many times I visit, it seems as though there is always something I neglected to explore on my previous trip. This time, I was excited to see how the city would handle Heather and Mr. K’s Scottie-tude. After all, they are no strangers to taking pet-friendly vacations! We spent a half day just roaming the streets of Savannah – from River Street all the way through the historic district (where we saw another couple exchanging vows on one of the squares!). I was impressed by the number of places along the way that left water bowls out for the doggie passers-by and a few shops even welcomed four-legged friends. It was apparent Heather and Mr. K appreciated the sights, sounds and smells around them as well…but more on that to follow in the coming days. Today’s post about Savannah is for the human vacationers!

First things first: the food. On Friday morning, we ventured over to Goose Feathers Café. Scottie Dad ordered a chicken salad sandwich and I chose a chicken bacon mushroom melt. Scottie Dad thoroughly enjoyed his dish (he even finished it off with some bread pudding) and I was so hungry that morning that I honestly can’t remember eating the sandwich. Much like Heather Beather and her meals, my melt was there one minute and gone the next! Plus, I was distracted by all the adorable dogs that walked by…including the service dog that came into Goose Feathers with his owner. Dinner was at a place on River Street called Spanky’s, which is said to be the home of the original chicken finger. So, you can imagine what I ordered there!

After we left Spanky’s, we hopped onto an Old Town Trolley Ghost Tour and endured a very animated account of Savannah’s history, legends and old tales. Because it had drizzled, plastic coverings had been placed over the open windows which fogged up too easily and made it impossible to see any of the sights our overly dramatic tour guide discussed. We got off at a few stops, the last one being the most theatrical and the icing on a particularly bad and overbaked cake. I’m not saying you shouldn’t try it out – just that it wasn’t my cup of tea. On previous trips, I have taken one other ghost tour that stopped at the Pirate House. While I cannot recall the name of the tour, I do remember that one being a bit less hokey and actually quite enjoyable.

Saturday morning, we had one of the best brunch experiences ever with Heather and Mr. K before setting out again on a walk around town. You can read all about the Scotties’ brunch experience in tomorrow’s post but let me leave you with this: while we certainly wished we had more time to stay and experience Savannah, Heather and Mr. K give this place two paws up! Oh, and in case you were wondering how the Fluffy Guy comedy show was…Scottie Dad and I couldn’t have been more pleased. We have seen Gabriel Iglesias twice now and each show has been well worth the money spent on tickets. The content is fresh and, of course, funny. It is so obvious Gabriel Iglesias cares about putting on a good show and making sure everyone has a good time. He often unplugs the clock on stage and performs for at least an extra hour or more!

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