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Sometimes, Scottie Mom has nothing but Scotties on the brain. Scottie Dad says she often walks the fine line between Scottie Love and Scottie Obsessed. Our friends at Merriam Webster say obsession is a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling…what about Scotties is disturbing or unreasonable? Nothing! Therefore, Scottie Dad is overruled in this matter. Still, taking away any negative connotations that might come along with the word obsessed, I thought it might be fun to explore what would classify as Scottie Love and simultaneously, what would classify as Scottie Obsessed.

You know you’re experiencing Scottie Love when:

– You don’t want to remove the Scottie nose prints off the car window because you are convinced these are priceless works of art that will be worth something someday.

– Sleep becomes optional because all you need is to have a Scottie or two to cuddle with at night. Who cares that they’ve taken over the human bed and that your leg may have lost feeling two hours ago?

– You put off going to work in the morning and hurry home at night as nothing makes you happier than spending time with your Scottie(s).

– Everything revolves around your Scottie dog.

– You’re greeted with the same wagging tail and happy face whether you’ve been gone all day or for just a few minutes.


You might be Scottie Obsessed if:

– Upon organizing your closet, you discover that you no longer own a single item of clothing that does not have a Scottie imprinted on it.

– You ask the Scottie Dad in your life to grow a beard that closely resembles your Scottie dog’s.

– Slowly but surely all the dinnerware and glassware in your Scottie House is replaced with mismatching Scottie cups and plates that you’re hesitant to use because they are too cute.

– You name your son Scotty after your Scottie dog.

– The smell of a freshly groomed Scottie is more appealing to you than the scent of fresh flowers, baked goods, and just about every other fan favorite smell on Earth.

– Dreams of traveling back in time to the 1950s to squash the poodle skirt trend and replace it with a tartan Scottie skirt fashion phenomenon fill your mind.

– You start speaking in ArRRrOo’s…in public.


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