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Never Say

Sometimes, things are better left unsaid. There are times, however, when people don’t think before they speak or are just plain insensitive and go on to say something they simply should not. Below are five things I believe no Scottie Mom should ever be told. Sadly, I have heard every single one of these at least once in the years I’ve been a Scottie Mom. What are some of the most unusual things someone has told you about your Scottie that you wish you hadn’t heard?


5. I know the black one is a Scottish Terrier but what kind of a dog is that one (points to the wheaten Scottie)? It looks so similar your Scottie dog but surely, it is not one.

As Scottie Mom to Heather, I get this question all the time. It has become a somewhat laughable matter and doesn’t usually bother me at this point. I just go into autopilot mode and explain that she is, in fact, a Scottie dog, but her color is rather rare. I go on to tell them there are black Scotties, brindle Scotties and wheaten Scotties – that Heather is considered a red wheaten Scottie. A look of bewilderment crosses the person’s face and most of the time, they come back around to say how beautiful she is and that they had no idea. Some shake their head in disbelief, saying that she certainly is a mix. And that, my friends, is where they cross the line. Mixed breed or purebred, she is my sweet Heather Beather and I love her just the same so step aside, son!


4. Your dog is fat.

Heather hadn’t been home for more than a day or two when people stopped by to meet her and that’s when it all started. “Wow – she’s overweight.” Then, it was, “Man, she’s BIG!” And my personal favorite: “Well, we know who would win if Mr. K ever put up a fight.” Heather is the most lovable dog I’ve ever known and while she can bowl you over trying to soak up as much of the back scratching and head petting she can get, she is not fat. Heather came to me weighing 27 pounds. Today, she weighs an even 25 pounds and we’re watching her to make sure she doesn’t lose anymore weight because she is perfect the way she is. Calling a Scottie Mom’s fur kid fat is no different than telling a mom her child is fat. It is rude and inconsiderate. Just don’t say it.


3. I will never love your Scottie(s) or It’s me or the Scottie(s).

Pack your bags, pal. Nothing and no one comes before Scottie Love and if you ask us to choose between you and the dog, I can tell you it won’t be the dog I’ll be giving up. He who loves a Scottie Mom must also love her Scottie dog(s). It is as plain and simple as that. Once you accept a Scottie dog into your life, it is a lifelong commitment until death do you part. I once dated a guy who thought people who posted pictures of their dogs on Facebook were “stupid.” Needless to say, that relationship didn’t go very far. Can you imagine what he’d say now with Heather and Mr. K stars of their very own Facebook page? It really doesn’t matter. Heather and Mr. K are way cooler, anyway!


2. Your Scottie’s a jerk!

Okay, let’s be honest here. Scottish Terriers can be temperamental creatures who definitely possess an air of Scottie-tude about them and can come off as a little rough around the edges sometimes. Mr. K is no exception. However, just because he is selective with his friends (human and furry alike), does not mean he is a jerk. Like individual people, every Scottie is different. Mr. K is actually a sweetheart who protects his own like no other. He is proud and actually is quite sensitive – he just doesn’t want everyone to know it.  Gotta protect that Scottie pride!


1. You shouldn’t rescue. Rescue Scotties come with all sorts of problems.

If you really want to get this Scottie Mom’s blood boiling, tell me I shouldn’t rescue another Scottie. No, I’m not talking about Scottie Dad not being ready to take in a third rescue yet. I’m talking about those who tell me that I should never rescue a Scottie…period. Not realizing both Heather and Mr. K are rescues, I let the foolish people give me their spiel about why one shouldn’t rescue (they have mental problems, all sorts of bad behaviors, you just don’t know what you’re going to get…) before I look at them, smile politely and say, “It’s funny you say that. Both of these Scotties are rescues.” Then, I watch their jaws fall to the floor – as if that thought had not previously occurred to them beforehand. Someone actually said to me, “…but they’re so well-behaved!” Yes. Heather and Mr. K are well-behaved but what makes you think other rescue Scotties are not? All it takes is a little patience and a lot of Scottie Love, people!



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Heather didn’t find Scottie Dad’s trick too funny. Mr. K thought it was hilarious!

Last night, Scottie Mom and Dad went out to dinner. Scottie Mom’s a picky eater – nothing like Heather or Mr. K – so the fact they were trying a “new” restaurant was something of a big deal. They looked over the menu, made their selections and waited patiently for the food to come. When Scottie Dad’s appetizer came (a plate full of oysters), he looked at Scottie Mom with a devilish grin and said, “If you eat one of those right now, I’ll let you get TWO more Scotties.”

Scottie Mom dropped her fork. Was he serious? Is Scottie Dad trying to play a mean trick? Will he really adopt two more Scotties if she does this? What are the odds that when she tries these oysters for the first time, she’ll be allergic (since, in reality, she’s allergic to just about everything)? Who was she kidding? Two more Scotties would totally be worth it! Scottie Mom reached for an oyster, knowing this was not going to be a pleasant experience, but recognizing this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that she could not pass up when suddenly, Scottie Dad says, “Oops! Time’s up. You weren’t quick enough. I said you had to eat one right now. You took too long.”

Scottie Mom was furious. She hadn’t taken long to make up her mind. In fact, she probably spent less than a minute questioning Scottie Dad’s intentions before deciding she’d get that Scottie (or two!) even if this was just a mean joke. She protested. Scottie Dad said, “Hey – there will be other opportunities.” Scottie Mom wasn’t so sure. She has been hounding Scottie Dad to let her rescue two more Scotties or, at the very least, become a Foster Scottie Mom. For years, Scottie Dad has refused. Scottie Mom has tried all sorts of bargaining techniques…what if Heather and Mr. K got more likes than Boo, the world’s cutest dog, on Facebook? How about if Scottie Dad got that pool table he’s always wanted…would a Scottie or two be allowed to come live at The Scottie House then?

Sadly, the answer is always no but the hope that two more Scotties might find forever homes in The Scottie House with us has been revived. It’s just a matter of time before Scottie Dad presents another challenge and it will be up to Scottie Mom to complete it in a timely manner, no questions asked so that two more lives can be saved (and Scottie Mom friends and fans can enjoy four times the silly Scottie stories and photos!). Tell us: what do you think is the trick to getting another Scottie? What kind of trick do you think Scottie Dad will pull next?

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Can you feel it? With just 10 days left until Valentine’s Day, we wanted to go ahead and open the Scottie Love line, encouraging everyone to submit “gotchya” stories of how your pup came into your heart and your home. Tell us all about your puppy love story in the comment section below or by sending a message to thescottiemom(at)gmail(dot)com. Share as little or as much as you want about your “gotchya” story! A lucky few will be profiled right here on ScottieMom.com.

For those of you who don’t know, I found Scottie Love in Heather and Mr. K through rescue organizations. I found Mr. K depressed and all alone at a shelter. A year later, Heather came into my life after being rescued by our friends at Tennessee Scottish Terrier Rescue. Because there is more than enough Scottie Love left to go around, I hope to profile some rescue Scotties who are still looking for that special someone. If you know of a Scottie who needs a little help finding a forever home, email thescottiemom(at)gmail(dot)com. We’ll be glad to play matchmaker and see if we can’t help some pups find the loves of their lives for Valentine’s Day!

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Simply put: there’s no place like home for the holidays. No place like a seat in front of the fireplace with loved ones. No place like that in which the best memories are made. And no place like the dinner table with everyone gathered ’round…including the Scottie friends, hopefully awaiting a crumb that might find its way to the ground.

Yes, the holidays are joyous times indeed. Think of the food, the drinks, the laughter and glee. The thrill of uncovering this year’s Scottie finds while hunting down that special gift. The good deeds and helping hands of complete strangers. The look on your Scottie’s face when you surprise him or her with a new toy, treat, doggie bed or all of the above. What’s not to love about the holidays, or should we say, Season of Scotties?

What’s not to love is the sheer number of Scotties out there still looking for love (and a furever home). Cast away for this reason and that, countless animals find themselves without a home for the holidays. Many are alone and confused. Some, like a handful of lucky Scotties, are in the capable hands of breed-specific rescue groups. Either way, these animals and rescue groups need help. While various reasons may prevent you from opening your door to another fur friend, consider donating the cost of an adoption fee, sponsoring the veterinary care of a rescue dog or cat, or even letting your home be a temporary haven for a pup in need. (Not convinced you should do that? Read our 5 Reasons to Foster a Scottie.)

Or, if you’re looking to take home a Scottie for life, meet Miss Alana:

alana20132Alana found herself with Scottish Terrier Rescue of Tennessee at just four years old. Like Heather, who also was rescued by Scottish Terrier Rescue of Tennessee, Miss Alana lived a rather rough life prior to finding some peace in her foster home. Luckily, Miss Alana is being temporarily housed by Heather’s own Foster Scottie Dad and family so we’re confident she’s in good hands and will be perfectly prepped (with belly rubs, back scratchin’s and more) for her furever home.

Also like Heather, it is clear Miss Alana likes to be the Alpha (fe)Male – some Scottie’s gotta keep those boys in line! But don’t let her tough act fool you, her Foster Scottie Dad tells me Alana is very sweet and loving with people. Just don’t let other dogs to try to take her space or food. No Scottie likes that! For more information about Alana or to fill out an adoption application, click here.

Just remember: if you want to be happy in a million ways, for the holidays you can’t beat opening your heart and your home to a sweet Scottie rescue (or any rescue cat or dog, for that matter).

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Yesterday, we made the long trek to Lebanon, Tennessee to attend the Tennessee Scottish Terrier Rescue’s annual picnic. Much to Heather’s dismay, it was raining but that didn’t stop us (although it did throw off our schedule a little bit since Heather seemingly refuses to potty in the rain lately – more on that later). Heather and Mr. K arrived in style with their baby blue and yellow raincoats, and they were greeted by more Scotties than I’ve ever seen in one place at one time.

There was so much barking as we walked around. It obviously was a little disconcerting for Heather and Mr. K who are used to a very quiet lifestyle but they managed just fine. The noise was very much music to my ears – so many happy Scotties in one place! – but had Scottie Dad reaching for the Advil within minutes. I stopped when I saw Bella’s puppies. Bella is a purebred Scottie the Tennessee rescue group saved last fall. Just a day or two after she was placed safely in the hands of Tennessee Scottish Terrier Rescue, she delivered four puppies…two of which are still looking for loving homes of their own. Bella herself and two of her puppies have since found furever Scottie Moms.

I stopped when I saw these two because I knew where there was a Scottie and/or Scottie mix in need, Heather’s foster family wouldn’t be far away. That, and I was amazed by how big the pups had gotten since I had last seen photos of them! Heather’s foster family had taken in Bella and her puppies the day after they were born. The two that remain, Cocoa and Snickers, were now just as tall as Heather and Mr. K. They are some sort of shepherd mix and they are very beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, they caught Scottie Dad’s eye and for a brief moment, I thought I might finally have the keys to bring those two more rescues I’ve wanted through our doors!

It wasn’t more than a few minutes later that Heather was greeted by her Foster Scottie Dad. It only took two years but we finally made a reunion happen! Heather was happy to make herself available for extra back scratchings and soaked up every bit of attention she could get. We settled in and I took Cocoa and Snickers from their crates, hoping to win Scottie Dad over. Snickers came out first and as I held him in my arms, I laughed at seeing just how quickly two pairs of Scottie eyes shot up at me cradling a pup that wasn’t them. Mr. K was especially not amused.

Alas, Scottie Dad didn’t cave (yet) but did suggest we could trade Heather and Mr. K and then we could take the two Scottie/Shepherd mixes. (GASP!) If you think Heather and Mr. K’s eyes shot up at me fast then you should have seen my reaction to Scottie Dad’s moment of insanity. (And let’s also point out that he is still in the dog house for that comment!) So sadly, Cocoa and Snickers are still looking for their furever homes along with Scotties Wally, Betty, and many more but I have all the confidence in the world in the Tennessee Scottish Terrier Rescue group that they’ll do everything they can to help each of these precious pups find the homes they deserve.

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It’s official: Heather and Mr. K took part in their first Scottie parade! And, they were honored to be asked to take the lead of the Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Atlanta’s rescue parade. They did great – until they found an area with treat crumbs on the floor. Then, it was nearly impossible to get them moving again but with time and patience, we finally made it to the end.

Every Scottie that participated in the parade really and truly had a story. I was deeply moved by the tales of struggle, abandonment, neglect and recovery these rescue Scotties had gone through. One Scottie spent three months in the hospital with severe burns that required some sort of skin graft. A few were rescued from puppy mills and other really bad and irresponsible breeding situations. Then there was Moses, a 15-year-old Scottish Terrier who did his very best to finish the short walk. Still others had thousands of dollars worth of necessary veterinary care needed before they could even start their search for a furever home.

As a rescue Scottie Mom, I’ve learned each Rescue Scottie has their own scars, marks or traits that tell us just how far they have come but more importantly, each has a smile that shows what the power of rescue efforts and a little Scottie love can do. This could not have been any more evident than at the parade itself. By far, the number of rescue Scotties outdid the number of those there to compete in and/or watch the specialty shows. What does that tell us?

First, it tells us that the Scottish Terrier rescue coordination efforts are extraordinary. That foster and rescue Scottie Moms and Dads have done a great job stepping up to the plate and finishing a job someone else started but didn’t have the love, resources, patience or ability to see it through. It also tells us that there is a lot of work to be done, educating people on the importance of spaying and neutering our pets, reporting irresponsible breeders that exploit our beloved Scotties and looking out for the best interests of our breed by lending a hand (and home) to a Scottish Terrier in need.

Congratulations to each of the Scotties that marched with Heather and Mr. K on Sunday! You made your Scottie Moms and Dads proud. And, for the new Scottie Moms and Dads that discovered us at the parade, please feel free to take part in our Be Inspired by a Scottie series and submit your pup’s tale to thescottiemom(at)gmail(dot)com for consideration on our blog. Also, a big thank you goes out to the Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Atlanta for the rescue Scottie ribbons and goodie bags. I assure you Heather will devour the treats and Mr. K will destroy the toys promptly. Much love, The Scottie Mom.

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