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Scottie Dog Wallpaper by Anthropologie


Scottie Dog Magnets


Walter the Wabbit, aka Mr. Bunny, all wrapped up and waiting to meet Mr. K.


Heather got herself a bully stick!


Mr. K hanging out with Mr. Bunny while he chews on a bully stick.

Friends, there is one place in Savannah we visited that we haven’t yet told you about and for good reason. It is a little shop called, “The Grateful Hound.” Not only did the place have Scottie dog wallpaper by Anthropologie behind the register, they also had a Scottie dog door stopper, Scottie dog magnets and…toys seemingly tough enough for Scottie dog jaws! I was skeptical at first but I decided to splurge and pay $20 to take a chance on a Fluff & Tuff toy after talking to the nice lady behind the desk about how her dog had yet to destroy his. So, I picked out “Walter the Wabbit” (now nicknamed Mr. Bunny) and brought him back to Mr. K – the ultimate toy destroyer.

The reason we hadn’t yet told you about this fun, little boutique is that we wanted to give fellow Scottie Moms a review of how Mr. Bunny fared during his playtime with Mr. K. I was sure I would be writing about Mr. Bunny’s demise within a week – two at the most. It’s been about a month since we returned from Savannah now. Would you believe Mr. Bunny is intact with no tears and still squeaking away? I wouldn’t either if I wasn’t sitting here listening to Mr. K squeak him right now. (Warning: Mr. Bunny squeaks much like Mr. K’s last “favorite” toy…although, not quite that bad. If you need a reminder of how that toy – which lasted a whopping two minutes – sounded, click here.)

Could this be the answer to Scottie Moms’ prayers (and wallet woes)? At nearly $20 for Mr. Bunny, it was a hard price to swallow initially. Then, I considered the fact I could buy three or four Air KONG squeaky tennis balls (Mr. K’s true favorite toy) for the same price and I realized I was lucky to get a half hour to an hour’s worth of quality (and supervised!) playtime with each before it ended up “deaded.” You might remember how quickly Mr. K went through all those squeaky tennis balls we stuffed in a stocking for him this Christmas. Surely, it would be cheaper to pay more up front for a toy like Mr. Bunny and have it last longer than a day. I figure if I can get a few months out of Mr. Bunny, he will be worth his price! We’ll keep you posted on Mr. Bunny’s status. In the meantime, tell us: what toy has lasted longest with your pup?


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In honor of Scottie Health Awareness Day, we have a Heather health update for you. Simply put: we’re on the hunt for a new V-E-T again. You may recall that in the midst of buying The Scottie House, Heather had to return the V-E-T for Cushing’s testing. The results came back showing she did not have Cushing’s after all. However, what she does have isn’t entirely clear to me, either. What I do know is that her gallbladder is abnormal. The V-E-T had talked about seeing “sludge” in Heather’s gallbladder when we had the first ultrasound done. She gave me the option of putting her on a drug that had many, many side effects and could increase her chances of liver cancer, if I remember correctly. Naturally, I opted to monitor the situation with routine testing instead of putting Heather on additional medication.

Now that we know it isn’t Cushing’s and there is still an unknown cause for the recent spike in liver values, the V-E-T recommended (via email, I might add – the somewhat impersonal way I found out about all her recent test results) Ursodiol, a drug used to prevent gallstones and to treat chronic liver problems. I feel like the name of this drug sounds familiar but I simply cannot remember if this is the one the V-E-T first told me about with all the side effects. I’ve seen a few Scottie Moms mention Ursodiol before so I thought I’d take this one to the group for feedback.

The reason we’re on the hunt yet again for a V-E-T doesn’t have to do with the recommendation for Ursodiol so much as it does with the fact that I believe Heather (and I) deserve better. From the start, there wasn’t any trust when the V-E-T ordered a test I specifically asked her not to until we saw results from another set of tests. Then, they refused to refund the hundreds of dollars when I disputed the matter. After that, it was a constant game of not-so-merry go round of testing as the V-E-T played her losing hand at guessing. I will never forget when I found the lump that turned out to be liposarcoma and I came in for a visit and the V-E-T forgot to check it out before she left for her next appointment. We had to wait until our next appointment (for Heather’s dental) a week or so later to get it looked at and at that point, it was time for surgery.

Alas, it wasn’t all bad. A part of me feels so incredibly grateful for this V-E-T since she did take all the cancer out of my baby girl that I’m nearly guilt tripping myself into sticking with the V-E-T. However, I feel we need to seek another opinion especially as the move places us an hour away or more. Recommendations for V-E-T-S who are good with Scotties in the Atlanta area are certainly welcome. Here’s to good Scottie health and finding answers for my girl!

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It’s official: Heather and Mr. K took part in their first Scottie parade! And, they were honored to be asked to take the lead of the Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Atlanta’s rescue parade. They did great – until they found an area with treat crumbs on the floor. Then, it was nearly impossible to get them moving again but with time and patience, we finally made it to the end.

Every Scottie that participated in the parade really and truly had a story. I was deeply moved by the tales of struggle, abandonment, neglect and recovery these rescue Scotties had gone through. One Scottie spent three months in the hospital with severe burns that required some sort of skin graft. A few were rescued from puppy mills and other really bad and irresponsible breeding situations. Then there was Moses, a 15-year-old Scottish Terrier who did his very best to finish the short walk. Still others had thousands of dollars worth of necessary veterinary care needed before they could even start their search for a furever home.

As a rescue Scottie Mom, I’ve learned each Rescue Scottie has their own scars, marks or traits that tell us just how far they have come but more importantly, each has a smile that shows what the power of rescue efforts and a little Scottie love can do. This could not have been any more evident than at the parade itself. By far, the number of rescue Scotties outdid the number of those there to compete in and/or watch the specialty shows. What does that tell us?

First, it tells us that the Scottish Terrier rescue coordination efforts are extraordinary. That foster and rescue Scottie Moms and Dads have done a great job stepping up to the plate and finishing a job someone else started but didn’t have the love, resources, patience or ability to see it through. It also tells us that there is a lot of work to be done, educating people on the importance of spaying and neutering our pets, reporting irresponsible breeders that exploit our beloved Scotties and looking out for the best interests of our breed by lending a hand (and home) to a Scottish Terrier in need.

Congratulations to each of the Scotties that marched with Heather and Mr. K on Sunday! You made your Scottie Moms and Dads proud. And, for the new Scottie Moms and Dads that discovered us at the parade, please feel free to take part in our Be Inspired by a Scottie series and submit your pup’s tale to thescottiemom(at)gmail(dot)com for consideration on our blog. Also, a big thank you goes out to the Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Atlanta for the rescue Scottie ribbons and goodie bags. I assure you Heather will devour the treats and Mr. K will destroy the toys promptly. Much love, The Scottie Mom.

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69244_10101308416973817_1329660565_nHeather wanted to get a closer look at the camera that always takes her picture to show the world. She hoped to get a glimpse of those watching her every move but found it was just another picture of her. Alas, she had to admit it was a cute shot and Heather broke out her best smile to show her approval. Happy Wordless Wednesday!

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A few months ago, over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, Mr. K  suffered a broken dew claw courtesy of his Scottie Mom’s foot. Not a yelp or even a peep came out of his mouth. Instead, he ran up the stairs ahead of me in pursuit of one of the evil C-A-T-S that reside at his Scottie Grandmadre’s house. Now, his precious paw is all healed and he may have forgotten the instance all together, but I haven’t.

In fact, I was recently reminded of it when I accompanied a friend of mine out for a night out on the town. There we were, standing in a bar talking to people when I felt a stab of a stiletto heel on my middle toe. And, as she shuffled, another stab on the two toes next to that one. I, unlike Mr. K, was not the kind to suffer in silence. I shrieked as the pain shot through my foot and the blood started flowing. And once my foot was released from under my friend’s, I even lost my own footing for a short time. It is in times like this that I wish we were as resilient as our Scottie companions.

Aside from licking his paw every once in a while after I stepped on his paw back in November, Mr. K showed no sign of injury or discomfort. He was perfectly content to continue playing and getting into his usual mischief. My injury had me hobbling around without shoes, wincing for a good day or two and though the pain was signifcant, I wasn’t about to tend to my wounds by licking them like Mr. K does when he’s hurt! Alas, in a few days, everything went away but not before a stern lesson was learned: What goes around, comes back around…and twice, if not three times, as hard!

Read more about Mr. K’s broken dew claw in Scottie Boo-Boo.

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Don't look at me...I didn't do it.

Don’t look at me…I didn’t do it.

I’m starting to believe there isn’t a toy on earth Mr. K can’t destroy. I’ve been fortunate to find a number of relatively durable ones but the most we get out of them are a few weeks. If we’re really lucky, we might get a month or two out of them. Unfortunately for Mr. K, his ability to rip apart his all-time favorite toy – squeaky tennis balls – in less than 30 minutes has caused him to lose the privelege of possessing one 24/7. After all, destroying tennis balls can be an expensive habit when you go through them that quickly. Mr. K still has fun playing tug or toss with his other, slightly more durable toys but sooner than later, those toys meet their end as well. Curious to know, fellow Scottie Moms, how many toys do you go through in a month? Have you had to budget a little extra money to keep the Scottie toy supply fresh?

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Scottie Moms everywhere have yet another perfect excuse to spoil – I mean, pamper! – your pup: tomorrow, February 20 is Love your Pet Day! Not that we Scottie Moms don’t already love our pets but what could it hurt to show a little extra Scottie love tomorrow? Here are some fun ideas to do with your Scots tomorrow. Be sure to share photos celebrating Love your Pet Day on the Scottie Mom facebook page. (You never know who might make a cameo on our blog!)

1. Bake some homemade goodness. What’s even better than treats? Fresh-out-of-the-oven (and slightly cooled) treats! For some melt-in-your-mouth recipes (some for you and some for your Scottie), check out what we’ve discovered on Pinterest.

2. Paint a picture. No, not you, Scottie Mom – your Scottie! Look for non-toxic, pet safe paints (try finger paints) and spread out lots of newspaper on the floor. Have your Scottie leave his or her mark on a crisp, white piece of paper. Once dry, date the painting and frame it for all to see.

3. Break a rule. C’mon…just this once! Breaking rules is a favorite pasttime for Scottish Terriers so honor tradition by making an exception to one of your rules.

4. Give a gift. Whether it is a new outfit, a fun toy or even a donation to a Scottie rescue in your pup’s honor, gift giving often makes the Scottie Mom feel just as good as the Scottie receiving it.

5. Embark on an adventure. Take your Scottie to a new park or simply sight-see (and sniff) in a different part of town. Extra walkies not only keeps the Scottie mind and body active, it keeps you healthy, too. Don’t have the time? Spring for a day of play for your Scottie at a local daycare.

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